Tuesday, January 15, 2008

#9 See This is the reason I have to be completely plastered to talk to women at bars!

Hmm... To extreme? No... No I don't think so! Not one bit! Not even eight bits!


BriAnne said...

It's the other way around for me. I've got to be one of the biggest female star wars nerds there is. I make refrences to star wars in every day conversation and no one ever gets it. sigh... such is life.

Jon Hart said...

STAR TREK!!!!! *runs away like Dr.Zoidberg =D Funny sketch does it count towards 300women? since its more of comic and not full female figure? Keep it up

Rashell said...

why must you pick on me Petar! why?! I'm sorry that I've never seen star wars... *cringe*

But I do love star trek and well many other geeky things. lol

I love the pic though!!! hehe Your making it hard for me to pic a favourite!